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  1. Hi Professor Godwin-Jones!

    I’m a 3rd grade school teacher up in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I am a massive fan of your website and its archives related to Max and Moritz! I was reared on German cautionary tales as a child and my Mom remarked to me today that she recalled a particular German story that she was regaled with as a child. This particular story had a chicken (perhaps a hen) who was missing her eye and went on an adventure world wide in search of it. Apparently in the end of the story, she locates it. I know its rather macabre and I’m turning to you in hopes that you somehow might be familiar with the title or could direct me towards someone who might know of such a story?! Thanks for your continued time and efforts and my apologies if I’ve misdirected this question.


  2. The link to WRLD 302: “Communicating Across Cultures” appears to be broken. It gives me an error message and says the requested URL cannot be found. I was considering using this material in my my Intercultural Communication course at California State University Channel Islands. So if you can help remedy the problem, I’ll much appreciate it. Thank you.

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